The world’s first wearable to combine fitness tracking, notifications and a tap-activated display with your personal moon cycles


The moon is the ruler of the inner self

Overall wellness, physical and emotional, is inspired from the inside. Nurturing our connection with nature and the cosmos is one of the keys to inner prosperity.

Moon Tracking

Sun Tracking

Fitness Tracking

Sleep Monitoring

Learn how you are influenced by the cycles of the moon

Moontrak is super-easy to use! Every 28.5 days the moon passes through the twelve signs of the zodiac and stays in each sign for about 2.5 days.

Moon Sign

Receive a notification when the moon enters your moon sign

Sun Sign

Receive a notification when the moon enters your sun sign

Rising Sign

Receive a notification when the moon enters your rising sign

Any Sign

Customize Moontrak to notify you when the moon enters any sign

Light Patterns

Customize notification light patterns

Multi-color LEDs

Customize notification light colors

Moontrak will notify you when the moon enters your natal phase or any phase you like

Make better lifestyle decisions by tuning your life with the phases of the moon.

Natal Moon Phase

Receive a notification when the moon enters your natal moon phase

Any Moon Phase

Receive a notification when the moon enters the phase of your choice, such as full moon in Virgo

Customize Colors

Set different notification colors for different moon phases

Moontrak isn’t all about the moon! It will also notify you when the sun enters your personal signs of the zodiac

Become aware of how the relationship between the moon, sun and star signs are influencing you and the world around you.

Tap-activated display enables you to see which star signs the moon and sun are in real-time

Fitness tracking meets the moon

Moontrak offers a unique feature that goes beyond regular fitness tracking. It enables you to learn over time which moon phases you are the most and least active and when you sleep the best.


Track your daily steps taken and learn over time which moon phases you step the most.


Track your daily distance covered and learn over time which moon phases you cover the most.


Track your calories burned and learn over time which moon phases you burn the most.


During which moon phases do you sleep the best? Moontrak will tell you.

Moontrak works with both the Tropical and Sidereal zodiac systems!

The Moontrak app will be available for iOS and Android.

Moon Manager

Introducing the Moontrak Moon Manager! A fun yet innovative mood tracking feature designed for you to learn over time how the moon and zodiac influence things like confidence levels, relationships and lots more.

Feeling Creative?

Feeling Relaxed?

Feeling Loving?

Feeling Motivated?

Feeling Stressed?

Feeling Lucky?

How the Moon Manager Works

When the moon leaves a zodiac sign every 2.5 days, you will receive a notification on your phone asking how you have been feeling. It’s quick and easy to use, while providing introspective feedback about your mood patterns.

What the Moon Manager is For

The moon is the ruler of the emotions. The Moon Manager’s goal is to help you become aware of your emotional patterns and make the best lifestyle decisions at the right moments.

Easily switch Moontrak between a bracelet and necklace pendant

Become one of the world’s first Moontrak owners!

Tap Display


Bluetooth Syncing

Charging Dock

How it works

The Moontrak software tracks the movement of the most influential celestial bodies, the moon and sun, in real-time and provides a lunar and solar calendar so you can plan for the future.

Just enter your birth details and current time zone into the Moontrak app and our software will calculate your star signs and natal moon phase.

The Moontrak wearable uses Bluetooth LE to sync wirelessly with your smartphone.

Dimensions and materials

With a diameter of  just 32.5 mm Moontrak is extremely petite and the same width as many regular pendants. A thickness of just 8.5 mm makes it one of the slimmest wearables available.

Moontrak is made with aerospace-grade aluminium, making it extremely lightweight and durable.

Our faux leather triple wrap bracelets have stainless steel buckles and come in a caramel beige, jade teal or midnight black.


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“The stars in the heavens sing a music if only we had ears to hear.”


“like vintage years of wine we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born,...”

Carl Jung.

“Oh the wonderful knowledge to be found in the stars. Even the smallest things are written there … if you had but skill to read.”

Benjamin Franklin.

“Perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens for one who desires to see it,...”


Moontrak will be launching on Kickstarter in June 2018!

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