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Stylish wearable technology

Fitness tracking meets the moon

Do you burn more calories during a waning moon? Have more energy during a waxing moon? Get less sleep during a full moon? Moontrak makes it easy for you to find out and look great at the same time!


Track your daily steps taken and learn over time which moon phases you step the most.


Track your daily distance covered and learn over time which moon phases you cover the most.


Track your calories burned and learn over time which moon phases you burn the most.


During which moon phases do you sleep the best? Moontrak will tell you.

Easily switch Moontrak between a bracelet and necklace pendant

Moon Manager

Introducing the Moontrak Moon Manager! A fun yet innovative mood tracking feature designed for you to learn over time how the moon and zodiac influence things like confidence levels, relationships and lots more.

Feeling Creative?


Feeling Relaxed?


Feeling Loving?


Feeling Motivated?


Feeling Stressed?


Feeling Lucky?


Zodiac notifications

Discover how the cycles of the cosmos influence your daily life with personalized notifications.

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The moon is the ruler of the emotions and more personal than any planet, and the zodiac signs represent different aspects of the personality. Every month, the moon passes through the twelve signs of the zodiac and stays in each sign for about 2.5 days. Discover how the relationship between the moon and zodiac influence you on a personal level and keep track of when the moon enters your most important star signs.

Moon Sign

Receive a notification when the moon enters your moon sign

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Your moon sign represents your inner personality.

Sun Sign

Receive a notification when the moon enters your sun sign

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Your sun sign represents your outer personality.

Rising Sign

Receive a notification when the moon enters your rising sign

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Your rising sign represents how you appear to others.

Any Sign

Receive a notification when the moon enters any sign

Light Patterns

Customize notification light patterns

Multi-color LEDs

Customize notification light colors

Moon phase notifications

Bring your goals into fruition by tuning your life with the lunar phases.

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Throughout time the moon phases have been associated with rising and decreasing energies. Timing lifestyle decisions so they work in harmony with the lunar energies to help to bring goals into fruition is becoming increasingly popular. You could try meditating on new goals during a new moon, taking action on your new project during a waxing crescent. The list goes on! Learn over time what works best for you.

Natal Moon Phase

Receive a notification when the moon enters your natal moon phase.

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Try reflecting positively upon your strongest talents during your natal moon. The natal moon is also associated with fertility.

Any Moon Phase

Receive a notification when the moon enters the phase of your choice, such as full moon in Virgo

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Customize which moon phases you receive notifications for. Maybe a full moon in your sun sign, or your partner’s sign.

Customize Colors

Set different notification colors for different moon phases

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You might want the moon symbol to light up green in your natal phase, or blue during a waxing crescent.

Moontrak isn’t all about the moon! It also tracks the sun in real-time

Tap-activated display enables you to instantly see which star signs the moon and sun are in


Bluetooth Syncing

Charging Dock


Moon & Sun Tracking

The moon and sun are tracked in real-time. The Moontrak app will calculate your star signs and natal moon phase.


The Moontrak wearable connects with your smartphone using Bluetooth LE 4.2.


Rechargeable Li-Po battery. 4-5 of average use. 1 hour charging time.


Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Capacitive touch.


Aerospace-grade aluminium (Hypoallergenic).


Width-32.5mm. Height-8.5mm.


Our faux leather triple wrap bracelets have stainless steel buckles and come in a caramel beige, jade teal or midnight black.

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